Kuala Lumpur Library

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Kuala Lumpur Library (Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur) located at Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. Formerly was a Goverment Printing Office. This building is about 110 year old. I love the art of this building, western style during British colonial plus Malay style, look nice! Thanks to government take care of this important heritage.


Kuala Lumpur Library


I born in Kuala Lumpur, spent my childhood time here for 12 years. Then I followed my family moved to Kota Kinabalu. Now come back to KL study. As a KL resident, never visit this Library. SHAME!


Today I purposely visit this library (first time) to discover what Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) done for public.


As a KL resident, I must know more place than other people. I believe a lot of KL resident never come to this library, more worst is they don’t know KL has this library. SHAME!


Now I will introduce this library. I took some photo inside the library, even though it is strictly prohibited. Sorry for the photo quality, I’m not a professional photographer, and I took these photo with my own risk.


Kuala Lumpur Library at Dataran Merdeka


I come along here with my friend You Wen. He drive. He also first time come. We parked our car in the car park area under the grass field. I a bit surprise for this car park, wonder when and how they build this underground car park.


Don't in Kuala Lumpur Library


Here is the rules if you want to visit the library. My friend wearing slipper and short pants, but no staff noticed him.


Not bad environment


The interior design and the environment of the library is better than what I expected. Woody furniture just match the building art. Comfortable and relax environment, suitable to study here.


Not much people here. May be they unfamiliar with this library?


KL Library books


Before I came, my friend Wei Lun told me the books is old and outdated. No! He is wrong, not all the books is outdated, there are also new books there. But we can’t get the latest new book for computer and IT books, because IT books always outdated very fast.


Business, Economic, Management books


Nice environment, clean.


Bright environment


Free internet access.


Relax environment


Comfortable study area.


Kuala Lumpur view from library


The outside view from the library look great. I love it. There are some ugly building look very dirty and spoil the view. So hope the DBKL take action for it.


Reading in KL Library


I just simply grab some books and “testing” my reading mood there. The top one is Popular Science magazine.


Nescafe in KL Library


Reading with a cup of coffee will be great. I grab a cup of nescafe coffee from the machine to enjoy my reading mood.


Do not!


Unfortunately, no drink is allowed to bring outside from the coffee machine area. So bad! I forced to finish my hot drink before I can go out.


I think the library should have a special area or cafe area where we can reading with a cup of coffee. I really hope to enjoy a coffee while studying with a nice skyline view of KL. I think this is a good suggestion, many people would like it. How about reserve an small area for Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Old Town there? Come on, library can make some profit there to upgrade the library.


Lack of books


The book shelf is not fully occupied. Library should import more books.


The library only have English and Malay books. I can’t found any Chinese and Tamil books there, just found a copy of Sin Chew Daily newspaper.


I think the library should not only import more books, but try to import some Chinese and Tamil books or magazine. Still remember what Mr. Najib's 1Malaysia? This library absolutely failed the 1Malaysia mission. This library should benefit everybody, not just for a particular group of people. No wonder not much people visit here.


Come on KL Library, there is still a lot of space can improve, at least the library is better than what I expected.


Kuala Lumpur Library for kids


Kids library. Awesome!


Book Drop?


Book Drop? How we gonna drop our book there? Funny.


Next, I will going to visit the National Library Malaysia, see there is better or not. (Hopefully!)

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