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Born and raised in Malaysia,

an undergraduate student in UCSI.


I like to dream colourfully

I use colour for creativity

I use creativity to change my lifestyle


I struggle, but I break free

I fall, but I get up stronger

I rest, but I never stop


It’s when I’m weak, that I’m strong













生活中波折重重 却也因此而脫困

學習中難免失敗 却也因此而成长

努力中需要休息 却永不停止前进


我脆弱 却永不退缩

Kuala Lumpur Library

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Kuala Lumpur Library (Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur) located at Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. Formerly was a Goverment Printing Office. This building is about 110 year old. I love the art of this building, western style during British colonial plus Malay style, look nice! Thanks to government take care of this important heritage.


Kuala Lumpur Library


I born in Kuala Lumpur, spent my childhood time here for 12 years. Then I followed my family moved to Kota Kinabalu. Now come back to KL study. As a KL resident, never visit this Library. SHAME!


Today I purposely visit this library (first time) to discover what Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) done for public.


As a KL resident, I must know more place than other people. I believe a lot of KL resident never come to this library, more worst is they don’t know KL has this library. SHAME!


Now I will introduce this library. I took some photo inside the library, even though it is strictly prohibited. Sorry for the photo quality, I’m not a professional photographer, and I took these photo with my own risk.


Kuala Lumpur Library at Dataran Merdeka


I come along here with my friend You Wen. He drive. He also first time come. We parked our car in the car park area under the grass field. I a bit surprise for this car park, wonder when and how they build this underground car park.


Don't in Kuala Lumpur Library


Here is the rules if you want to visit the library. My friend wearing slipper and short pants, but no staff noticed him.


Not bad environment


The interior design and the environment of the library is better than what I expected. Woody furniture just match the building art. Comfortable and relax environment, suitable to study here.


Not much people here. May be they unfamiliar with this library?


KL Library books


Before I came, my friend Wei Lun told me the books is old and outdated. No! He is wrong, not all the books is outdated, there are also new books there. But we can’t get the latest new book for computer and IT books, because IT books always outdated very fast.


Business, Economic, Management books


Nice environment, clean.


Bright environment


Free internet access.


Relax environment


Comfortable study area.


Kuala Lumpur view from library


The outside view from the library look great. I love it. There are some ugly building look very dirty and spoil the view. So hope the DBKL take action for it.


Reading in KL Library


I just simply grab some books and “testing” my reading mood there. The top one is Popular Science magazine.


Nescafe in KL Library


Reading with a cup of coffee will be great. I grab a cup of nescafe coffee from the machine to enjoy my reading mood.


Do not!


Unfortunately, no drink is allowed to bring outside from the coffee machine area. So bad! I forced to finish my hot drink before I can go out.


I think the library should have a special area or cafe area where we can reading with a cup of coffee. I really hope to enjoy a coffee while studying with a nice skyline view of KL. I think this is a good suggestion, many people would like it. How about reserve an small area for Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Old Town there? Come on, library can make some profit there to upgrade the library.


Lack of books


The book shelf is not fully occupied. Library should import more books.


The library only have English and Malay books. I can’t found any Chinese and Tamil books there, just found a copy of Sin Chew Daily newspaper.


I think the library should not only import more books, but try to import some Chinese and Tamil books or magazine. Still remember what Mr. Najib's 1Malaysia? This library absolutely failed the 1Malaysia mission. This library should benefit everybody, not just for a particular group of people. No wonder not much people visit here.


Come on KL Library, there is still a lot of space can improve, at least the library is better than what I expected.


Kuala Lumpur Library for kids


Kids library. Awesome!


Book Drop?


Book Drop? How we gonna drop our book there? Funny.


Next, I will going to visit the National Library Malaysia, see there is better or not. (Hopefully!)

Top 10 Saving Time Tips (Digital Life)

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We are now living in the modern century, new decade. Modern people like us especially who staying in the city getting busier and busier. Many officers need to work until late night, many students like me headache because of dozens of assignment.


Time management and self management is very important to achieve work less get more. I’m sure your boss, your teachers, or your books had told you how to save time. Now I’m giving out 10 tips on how to saving time by digital media, since modern people now facing computer more than facing people.



CCleaner and Auslogics Boost Speed

Cleaning up your computer is a must process. So how to clean your computer? First you should make sure no dust on your keyboard, mouse and LCD screen. Then you need to clean your hard disk rubbish like browsing histories, cookies and et cetera. Here I recommend CCleaner to clean up those rubbish. You also need Auslogics BoostSpeed to optimize your computer to the fastest speed by disk defragmenting and other settings. Remember to remove all unnecessary start up programs. Also make sure your computer is free from virus. This step (Tips 10) is the most fundamental step. Always remember with a good performance computer, we can do better things.


CTRL + ALT + SHIFT Shortcut keys

You should know how to do Undo by pressing shortcut keys on your keyboard CTRL+Z, copy and paste with CTRL+C and CTRL+V. If you don’t know please learn now. Not only copy and paste, you can do almost everything by shortcut keys. I recommend you go to Google to search all this keys and practice regularly. You will work fast on computer with right hand on mouse and left hand on keyboard shortcut keys.


8. FILES ORGANIZATIONFiles Organization

Still remember in your old school time, your teachers teach you to always organize your documents in a folder? Typically, we always see that bad files organization students always forget to bring their documents, lost their files, or hard to find their files in their school bag.


Files organization also apply to your digital files in computer. With good files organization, you can achieve your files easy and fast. With good files organization your computer also run better. Imagine how hard you need to find a book on a unorganized bookshelf in library?


So now, move your files from your desktop to your folders. Organized smartly :)


Make your desktop simple, clean and creative.












With Dropbox, you can synchronize your files between your Desktop, laptop, iPhone and Adroid phone. Let’s say you create a file from your desktop, you saved it in your desktop Dropbox folder, then you are able to open it on your other mobile devices mentioned above. You are able to share your files in your Dropbox with other Dropbox users. It is fast and easy.


Download Dropbox now! For more tips to efficiently use of Dropbox, check out the guide from Lifehacker.


Always Bring Your Portable Drive Along With You

Dropbox mentioned above make the portable drive less important, because we can get our files in Dropbox anywhere. But what happen the work station is without internet? So save your important files in your portable drive and always bring along with it. You don’t know when you will need it.


You can also install your mobile operating system and portable software such as Mozzila Firefox in your portable drive.





Use Adobe Digital Editions For Your E-books

Many students like me use E-books for their study. I have many E-books in my laptop. My laptop is like a mini library now. Here I’m not explain the benefit of using E-book. When you have so many E-books, how to organize? Use Adobe Digital Editions! You can read and find your E-books in one place.




Kamus, Dictionary, 词典

Are you still using those dictionaries above? Sorry you are outdated! If you still a school student, it is never mine. Nobody want to use heavy traditional dictionaries. Impossible you brings these heavy dictionaries along with you everyday. Beside that, searching a single word is slow and painful.

BESTA Dictionaries

Some people spent few hundreds or thousand to buy All in one digital dictionary like BESTA. Finding a word with BESTA digital dictionary is now faster and easier. It is portable too.

Smartphone dictionary

My suggestion for you is no need to spend money to buy a digital dictionary. Download free dictionaries for your phones. Bring a single multipurpose phone is better than bring many gadget such as digital dictionary and mp3 player.


You can download Lingoes dictionary for your computer for immediate reference.




Subscribe RSS

Still many people don’t know what is RSS. RSS is stand for Really Simple Syndication, or you call it feed. With RSS technology, you can stay update for all your favourite websites and blogs. Whenever the websites or blogs is updated, it will notify you. You no need to go to your favourite site regularly for checking the new update or new post.


Such a good way to monitor all your favourite sites, why not try it? You need to subscribe their RSS feed in order to monitor their post update.


How to subscribe?

Step1: Press the Orange Button on your browser

Step2: Click Subscribe to this feed and add to your Favourite Bar. (Almost same way for Firefox users)

Step3: Done! You can view all you feed on top of your browser.




Synchronize your blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts
Many people own social web accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Some people even own more than 2 social web account such as Linkedin, Plurk, MySpace and et cetera. You will feel tired if you want to post a same thing on all social web platform.


Synchronize your social web platforms is a very good idea to save time. For example if I write this blog entry and post to my Chénsonism! blog, it will automatic post the same thing on my Twitter and Facebook; If I write “Today I’m so tired because of exam” on my Twitter, it will automatic post it on my Facebook wall.


Try to use Twitterfeed and Facebook Notes. For others, please discover yourself :)




Use Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 
Don’t let your Microsoft Office Outlook alone! Many students don’t know what is the feature of Office Outlook even though it Outlook staying in their computer for so many years. Entrepreneur love to use Outlook, but are they fully utilize it?


Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 can save your time. How?

#1 With Office Outlook, you can view all your email accounts in one place, that mean you no need to login to every single email account like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail with so many long password.


#2 You can view all your RSS feeds in Outlook too. (Not necessary to use web browser)


#3 You can check your Outlook calendar for any appointment. Outlook calendar can synchronize with iPhone calendar.


#4 The new feature of Outlook 2010 is you can view all your Facebook wall feed and Twitter tweet feed in one place.


#5 and more….


Let’s discover the feature of your Microsoft Office Outlook now! (I also just discovered it few days ago :P)


Smart use your stuff! Work less, gain more! Save your time!

iPhone OS 4, Windows Phone 7, HP Slate

Apr 5, 2010 |


According to the official source, Apple will reveal a major operating system update this coming Thursday for iPhone – iPhone OS 4.0! Its the next generation of iPhone OS. Great! I’m very excited to see what new feature for my iPhone 3Gs. I already satisfy my current iPhone OS, so what is the new feature I’m waiting for? I hope they made it easy for file storage like a Kingston’s portable drive.


Apple is get ready for the coming competitor like Google’s phone and Windows Phone 7. Here is the sneak peak of Windows Phone 7:


Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Windows Phone 7 Office

Windows Phone 7 Applications

Windows Phone 7 Games

Windows Phone 7 Zune




iPhone is too many people using including me :) Now even Digi also come out their iPhone plan. If you ask me what phone I recommend, I will recommend you Windows Phone 7. It will available in the market around June 2010. Hopefully it will beat iPhone, make the market more competitive.


This year, so many giant company come out their powerful gadget. Sony’s Playstation Move, Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and one more I waiting for long time is HP’s Slate.


HP Slate


HP Slate will using Windows 7 OS, also coming on June 2010.


Take a short sneak peak of HP Slate video here:





Cool right? HP Slate will be my next electronic gadget after my Sony VAIO FZ and Apple iPhone 3Gs. I really eager to buy it. Some one ask me, why I need to buy it, since I have powerful laptop like SONY VAIO FZ. Well, my answer is I’m tech geek. The reason why I not choose iPad is because its function is limited.



I bought my powerful first laptop SONY VAIO FZ 2 years ago, after working as Web Programmer for 8 months. Laptop is now very important for working adult and university students. No reason why I’m not buying it. Now I’m using this laptop typing my blog entry. I’m sure you know the importance of computer in the life.


So, what I will do for the HP Slate? Then how about my SONY VAIO FZ?

I will fully utilize my gadgets, and will not waste my money to buy it.


Sony VAIO FZ –> for Working
HP Slate –> for Study
iPhone 3Gs –> for Entertainment


My laptop will act like desktop replacement, located on my table forever, and I will not bring it out. It is quite heavy and inconvenient. It will use for programming, editing, and word processing; My phone will use for instant email, and web browsing during in the public transport; HP Slate will use for study during in the class and coffee shop. Using tablet PC like HP Slate will more easy when reading on E-book, and revise lecturer’s notes and assignment.


Will try to get it in the end of this year (Hopefully). Need to working during holiday to earn money.

Good Bye, March!

Mar 31, 2010 | ,

Time is just like the river, passing so fast and never flow back. Now we have to say good bye to March 2010, and we going to start a new 2nd quarter of 2010.



I finally turn 20 on this month. Nothing special on my birthday. My cousins and his family celebrate with me with a small cake. I received a lot of wall post greeting from my friends in Facebook and SMS greeting from my family. No need to open a party, I already happy and feel touching for a short sentence greeting. Not be so happy also, since every year birthday mean getting older…


Oww ya, today is my Sister birthday. Happy Birthday to you Wei Wei~ Muakz!!!!


Blog4ft Award Ceremony

I started my blog life end of last year, then I joined a blog writing contest organized by the government call BLOG4FT, to talk good about Federal Territories. Take a look of my entries here. Last 2 weeks I received an email from them informing me to participate for their Award Ceremony, I won a Special Prize. 25 special prize is selected by juries among 5000 blog post entries. Even I’m not the top 3 winner, but this prize give me a big motivation for my competence.

Blog4ft Award Ceremony


What is the special prize? Nothing special also, I just got a RM50 voucher from Borders, Free 1 month Celcom Broadband and free Blackberry Gemini phone but come with 1 year contract, Bullshit!.


Saw my friend’s friend, she call Min Yi, attending the award ceremony also. She won champion in the Junior Category. Second time saw her in a week! First time saw her is during breakfast in McDonald’s Taman Connaught.


She catch up my attention. I had take a look of her blog, and make a conclusion on her. She is true champion. My judging is not her blog, but her personalities. Take a look on her blog you will know, 


Earth Hour

Every year, human use up the Earth resources. Earth is getting sick now. Earth Hour is an hour for us to off all the light to save energy and save the Earth.


KAI WAN XIAO! (funny)

1 hour really can save the Earth? Who care? My cousin shut down his house light, but the other neighbours still sparking bright like normal days. Actually Earth hour just a remind to us to care about our Earth. No point for us to off the light for 1 hour, then we continue to waste the energy.


My university lagi hebat! Earth Hour organize concert party! What is the point? Well, I don’t know what to criticise it. UCSI University invited few bands come to rock the university. One of the band call EVE, the main singer is my primary school friend Eve Oh. The middle person in the picture below.


Eve Oh Earth Hour Concert


She is ROCKZ!!!! So bad, I did not go to support her during that period.


F1 GP Seasons

This is not my personal event/story, but Malaysian’s. This year F1 is worth to watch.


Mercedes PETRONAS team


1Malaysia F1 Lotus Team will going to rock us next week. We Malaysian’s hope to see them success!


This year, 7 times world champion Michael Schumacher will be back in action in the Mercedes PETRONAS team. PETRONAS sponsoring his team. It sound good, when I heard PETRONAS + Michael Schumacher.


I planned to go Sepang for this event, but the student prize RM150 is still expensive for me. :(

Fashion Talk

Feb 25, 2010 |


Only 1 post for this February month! What a SHAME blogger!

Can’t write a summarise post for February. This month I will only talk about my new dressing.



Yeah~ Chinese New Year!
As usual, I will only buy new dresses one time every year before Chinese New Year.

This time I bought 6 shirts (tee & formal), 2 skinny jeans and pair of shoes. Spent almost RM800!
I never spend so much and never bought so many for myself.

Quite satisfy my taste this year. I feel that my taste become more and more fashion and artistic. I try to use the artist’s point of view to choose my dressing. Dare to choose some colour which other male always avoid and shy to wear.

I want to buy purple or pink colour shoes like Eason Chan’s as shown in below, but I can’t find in Kuala Lumpur.

Eason Chan

The shoes colour is it too bright for you? My friends said it is weird and ugly matching, but I feel that it is special, creative and trend match!

When you wearing this type of colour shoes, sure many people will spot their eye sight to you. This is why many guys not dare to wear, because majority scared of public’s weird eye sight.

Artist wear in this way because they want stand up themselves among other artists.

Well, can’t find purple one, finally I choose blue, which available in KLCC Adidas Original Store.

Adidas Original Superstar LTO

Yeah! I’m happy because of this new colour shoes, BLUE!
When my cousin first saw it, she said: “HAR!??? WHY BLUE?”
Someone said: “YOUR SHOES IS WEIRD~”
Someone said: “WOW!!!!”
Anyway, this is different people’s point of view.

JJ Lin and By2

Nah! My favourite artist JJ Lin also wear blue, but is light blue. (Haha… actually some of my taste is copy from him)

I also bought the same colour skinny jean like JJ’s. When my dad first time saw I wearing this way, he told me don’t wear like girl style. Lolz~ Boy wear red jean why cannot?

Red Skinny Jean

Still many guys cannot accept other colour such as red, yellow, green and purple, That why when you open their cloth cabinet, you will only see dark colour jeans.

The Busy January Life

Jan 23, 2010 | , ,


Almost the whole month I haven’t update my blog, you don’t know what exactly happening on me. My personal timetable overfilled of work and task. This month is my busiest month of my life. But I love busy, because busy let me learn more and have fun. Am I weird?


Busy On Fully-utilising my iPhone 3Gs

iPhone I am happy to using my new iPhone. I always find out the best way to use the phone to enhance and help my life. Now my iPhone fully loaded by useful apps.


The screenshoot here is some of my favourite apps.


The Gizmodo and Lifehacker is my favourite web app. Now I can read my favourite blog by using iPhone when waiting the bus or LRT. The Gizmodo is the famous technology gadget weblog; while the Lifehacker is the famous IT weblog.


Dictionary and Power Word (金山词霸) help me a lot on the study. I can check the English-Chinese meaning and spelling during the class.


Facebook App is our favourite best app among all. Now I can check my Facebook notification anytime. Sometime I use the Facebook Chat with my friends without using SMS.


[BS] and [Ch] is my blogs Biasiswa Scholarship and Chénsonism!


Twitterrific is a third party Twitter app. I use this app to navigate my 2 twitter accounts.


TCT Lite is a Periodic Table app. With this app, I can check the element properties on the Periodic Table. This app help my study a lot, especially on chemistry related topic.


Dropbox enable me to save documents on my iPhone. I save my class timetable and some of my lecture note on the phone. Now, I no need to remember to bring my class timetable.


For those CIMB Bank customer, this CIMB Clicks iPhone app is a must. With this app, I check my balance anytime and also search for nearest CIMB ATM too.


MHmobile is the Malaysia Airlines iPhone app. This app enable us to booking air ticket as well as checking the boarding time and more… I haven’t discover the complete feature of this app, still new for me.


TouchMouse created by Logitech company. I can use my iPhone as a touch pad mouse like laptop’s to control my laptop. This app is useful especially doing presentation. I will doing my class presentation next month, and I will show off this wireless mouse feature, without standing in front of laptop. This app definitely make my presentation skill look more professional.


Do you know what is metronome? Metronome app give me the real metronome feature, when I playing music. Music player will know this and love this.


MPB give me to listen ONE FM, HOT FM and FLY FM one the move.


As a geek, a smartphone like iPhone is a must gadget. iPhone is my second personal “property” after my laptop VAIO FZ. The word “personal” mean it is belong to me and I use my competence to get it.



Busy On Updating [BS] Biasiswa Scholarship for Malaysian Weblog

BiasiswaScholarshipLogoMini [BS] Biasiswa Scholarship for Malaysian is is a very potential blog. My “potential” definition is fast growing and future extendibility. After few month since I open this blog, this blog grow 2000% on the world web site ranking and now it rank no.11500 in Malaysia according to the Alexa Annalistic. On the other hand, this blog grow average 100 fans per day in [BS] Facebook page.


SPM, STPM and A-Level result will announce soon, many people are looking for scholarship and loan. This is my golden period to make this blog more popular. So, I am keep looking for scholarship to update in this blog.


During my scholarship research on internet, I found one of the scholarship blog similar to me keep copy my self-writing post to his/her scholarship blog blindly. I don’t know I’m happy or angry about this, but I will warn him/her in the later time.


Anyway, thanks to the fans supporting [BS].



Busy On New Semester University Life

Assignment! Assignment! Assignment!

Presentation! Presentation! Presentation!


This is the normal students life in university. I will do my best in all assignment, presentation and examination, because I want to get first-honour degree and get all powerful knowledge, this is my target.


If you are my true friend, you will know my behaviour. I will always give myself very high target, and going to achieve it.


Beside that, PTPTN Loan is my headache. To apply a PTPTN is so hard and many complex steps to do. One step mistake, you will be reject on applying the loan.




Busy On Looking Old Friends

primary photo

Thanks Facebook, I found almost of my old primary school classmates. Some of them is still missing, I am search them out.


I disappear suddenly and misconnection with them for 8 years. Now I’m appear again and would like to reconnect to those of them.


8 years never meet! Some of them become handsome, become pretty, become mature, and become crazy. It is fun to discover the human growing process.


Hope to have a gathering. Class 6C Reunion!