The Busy January Life

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Almost the whole month I haven’t update my blog, you don’t know what exactly happening on me. My personal timetable overfilled of work and task. This month is my busiest month of my life. But I love busy, because busy let me learn more and have fun. Am I weird?


Busy On Fully-utilising my iPhone 3Gs

iPhone I am happy to using my new iPhone. I always find out the best way to use the phone to enhance and help my life. Now my iPhone fully loaded by useful apps.


The screenshoot here is some of my favourite apps.


The Gizmodo and Lifehacker is my favourite web app. Now I can read my favourite blog by using iPhone when waiting the bus or LRT. The Gizmodo is the famous technology gadget weblog; while the Lifehacker is the famous IT weblog.


Dictionary and Power Word (金山词霸) help me a lot on the study. I can check the English-Chinese meaning and spelling during the class.


Facebook App is our favourite best app among all. Now I can check my Facebook notification anytime. Sometime I use the Facebook Chat with my friends without using SMS.


[BS] and [Ch] is my blogs Biasiswa Scholarship and Chénsonism!


Twitterrific is a third party Twitter app. I use this app to navigate my 2 twitter accounts.


TCT Lite is a Periodic Table app. With this app, I can check the element properties on the Periodic Table. This app help my study a lot, especially on chemistry related topic.


Dropbox enable me to save documents on my iPhone. I save my class timetable and some of my lecture note on the phone. Now, I no need to remember to bring my class timetable.


For those CIMB Bank customer, this CIMB Clicks iPhone app is a must. With this app, I check my balance anytime and also search for nearest CIMB ATM too.


MHmobile is the Malaysia Airlines iPhone app. This app enable us to booking air ticket as well as checking the boarding time and more… I haven’t discover the complete feature of this app, still new for me.


TouchMouse created by Logitech company. I can use my iPhone as a touch pad mouse like laptop’s to control my laptop. This app is useful especially doing presentation. I will doing my class presentation next month, and I will show off this wireless mouse feature, without standing in front of laptop. This app definitely make my presentation skill look more professional.


Do you know what is metronome? Metronome app give me the real metronome feature, when I playing music. Music player will know this and love this.


MPB give me to listen ONE FM, HOT FM and FLY FM one the move.


As a geek, a smartphone like iPhone is a must gadget. iPhone is my second personal “property” after my laptop VAIO FZ. The word “personal” mean it is belong to me and I use my competence to get it.



Busy On Updating [BS] Biasiswa Scholarship for Malaysian Weblog

BiasiswaScholarshipLogoMini [BS] Biasiswa Scholarship for Malaysian is is a very potential blog. My “potential” definition is fast growing and future extendibility. After few month since I open this blog, this blog grow 2000% on the world web site ranking and now it rank no.11500 in Malaysia according to the Alexa Annalistic. On the other hand, this blog grow average 100 fans per day in [BS] Facebook page.


SPM, STPM and A-Level result will announce soon, many people are looking for scholarship and loan. This is my golden period to make this blog more popular. So, I am keep looking for scholarship to update in this blog.


During my scholarship research on internet, I found one of the scholarship blog similar to me keep copy my self-writing post to his/her scholarship blog blindly. I don’t know I’m happy or angry about this, but I will warn him/her in the later time.


Anyway, thanks to the fans supporting [BS].



Busy On New Semester University Life

Assignment! Assignment! Assignment!

Presentation! Presentation! Presentation!


This is the normal students life in university. I will do my best in all assignment, presentation and examination, because I want to get first-honour degree and get all powerful knowledge, this is my target.


If you are my true friend, you will know my behaviour. I will always give myself very high target, and going to achieve it.


Beside that, PTPTN Loan is my headache. To apply a PTPTN is so hard and many complex steps to do. One step mistake, you will be reject on applying the loan.




Busy On Looking Old Friends

primary photo

Thanks Facebook, I found almost of my old primary school classmates. Some of them is still missing, I am search them out.


I disappear suddenly and misconnection with them for 8 years. Now I’m appear again and would like to reconnect to those of them.


8 years never meet! Some of them become handsome, become pretty, become mature, and become crazy. It is fun to discover the human growing process.


Hope to have a gathering. Class 6C Reunion!

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