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Feb 25, 2010 |


Only 1 post for this February month! What a SHAME blogger!

Can’t write a summarise post for February. This month I will only talk about my new dressing.



Yeah~ Chinese New Year!
As usual, I will only buy new dresses one time every year before Chinese New Year.

This time I bought 6 shirts (tee & formal), 2 skinny jeans and pair of shoes. Spent almost RM800!
I never spend so much and never bought so many for myself.

Quite satisfy my taste this year. I feel that my taste become more and more fashion and artistic. I try to use the artist’s point of view to choose my dressing. Dare to choose some colour which other male always avoid and shy to wear.

I want to buy purple or pink colour shoes like Eason Chan’s as shown in below, but I can’t find in Kuala Lumpur.

Eason Chan

The shoes colour is it too bright for you? My friends said it is weird and ugly matching, but I feel that it is special, creative and trend match!

When you wearing this type of colour shoes, sure many people will spot their eye sight to you. This is why many guys not dare to wear, because majority scared of public’s weird eye sight.

Artist wear in this way because they want stand up themselves among other artists.

Well, can’t find purple one, finally I choose blue, which available in KLCC Adidas Original Store.

Adidas Original Superstar LTO

Yeah! I’m happy because of this new colour shoes, BLUE!
When my cousin first saw it, she said: “HAR!??? WHY BLUE?”
Someone said: “YOUR SHOES IS WEIRD~”
Someone said: “WOW!!!!”
Anyway, this is different people’s point of view.

JJ Lin and By2

Nah! My favourite artist JJ Lin also wear blue, but is light blue. (Haha… actually some of my taste is copy from him)

I also bought the same colour skinny jean like JJ’s. When my dad first time saw I wearing this way, he told me don’t wear like girl style. Lolz~ Boy wear red jean why cannot?

Red Skinny Jean

Still many guys cannot accept other colour such as red, yellow, green and purple, That why when you open their cloth cabinet, you will only see dark colour jeans.

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