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Apr 5, 2010 |


According to the official source, Apple will reveal a major operating system update this coming Thursday for iPhone – iPhone OS 4.0! Its the next generation of iPhone OS. Great! I’m very excited to see what new feature for my iPhone 3Gs. I already satisfy my current iPhone OS, so what is the new feature I’m waiting for? I hope they made it easy for file storage like a Kingston’s portable drive.


Apple is get ready for the coming competitor like Google’s phone and Windows Phone 7. Here is the sneak peak of Windows Phone 7:


Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Windows Phone 7 Office

Windows Phone 7 Applications

Windows Phone 7 Games

Windows Phone 7 Zune




iPhone is too many people using including me :) Now even Digi also come out their iPhone plan. If you ask me what phone I recommend, I will recommend you Windows Phone 7. It will available in the market around June 2010. Hopefully it will beat iPhone, make the market more competitive.


This year, so many giant company come out their powerful gadget. Sony’s Playstation Move, Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and one more I waiting for long time is HP’s Slate.


HP Slate


HP Slate will using Windows 7 OS, also coming on June 2010.


Take a short sneak peak of HP Slate video here:





Cool right? HP Slate will be my next electronic gadget after my Sony VAIO FZ and Apple iPhone 3Gs. I really eager to buy it. Some one ask me, why I need to buy it, since I have powerful laptop like SONY VAIO FZ. Well, my answer is I’m tech geek. The reason why I not choose iPad is because its function is limited.



I bought my powerful first laptop SONY VAIO FZ 2 years ago, after working as Web Programmer for 8 months. Laptop is now very important for working adult and university students. No reason why I’m not buying it. Now I’m using this laptop typing my blog entry. I’m sure you know the importance of computer in the life.


So, what I will do for the HP Slate? Then how about my SONY VAIO FZ?

I will fully utilize my gadgets, and will not waste my money to buy it.


Sony VAIO FZ –> for Working
HP Slate –> for Study
iPhone 3Gs –> for Entertainment


My laptop will act like desktop replacement, located on my table forever, and I will not bring it out. It is quite heavy and inconvenient. It will use for programming, editing, and word processing; My phone will use for instant email, and web browsing during in the public transport; HP Slate will use for study during in the class and coffee shop. Using tablet PC like HP Slate will more easy when reading on E-book, and revise lecturer’s notes and assignment.


Will try to get it in the end of this year (Hopefully). Need to working during holiday to earn money.

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