Good Bye, March!

Mar 31, 2010 | ,

Time is just like the river, passing so fast and never flow back. Now we have to say good bye to March 2010, and we going to start a new 2nd quarter of 2010.



I finally turn 20 on this month. Nothing special on my birthday. My cousins and his family celebrate with me with a small cake. I received a lot of wall post greeting from my friends in Facebook and SMS greeting from my family. No need to open a party, I already happy and feel touching for a short sentence greeting. Not be so happy also, since every year birthday mean getting older…


Oww ya, today is my Sister birthday. Happy Birthday to you Wei Wei~ Muakz!!!!


Blog4ft Award Ceremony

I started my blog life end of last year, then I joined a blog writing contest organized by the government call BLOG4FT, to talk good about Federal Territories. Take a look of my entries here. Last 2 weeks I received an email from them informing me to participate for their Award Ceremony, I won a Special Prize. 25 special prize is selected by juries among 5000 blog post entries. Even I’m not the top 3 winner, but this prize give me a big motivation for my competence.

Blog4ft Award Ceremony


What is the special prize? Nothing special also, I just got a RM50 voucher from Borders, Free 1 month Celcom Broadband and free Blackberry Gemini phone but come with 1 year contract, Bullshit!.


Saw my friend’s friend, she call Min Yi, attending the award ceremony also. She won champion in the Junior Category. Second time saw her in a week! First time saw her is during breakfast in McDonald’s Taman Connaught.


She catch up my attention. I had take a look of her blog, and make a conclusion on her. She is true champion. My judging is not her blog, but her personalities. Take a look on her blog you will know, 


Earth Hour

Every year, human use up the Earth resources. Earth is getting sick now. Earth Hour is an hour for us to off all the light to save energy and save the Earth.


KAI WAN XIAO! (funny)

1 hour really can save the Earth? Who care? My cousin shut down his house light, but the other neighbours still sparking bright like normal days. Actually Earth hour just a remind to us to care about our Earth. No point for us to off the light for 1 hour, then we continue to waste the energy.


My university lagi hebat! Earth Hour organize concert party! What is the point? Well, I don’t know what to criticise it. UCSI University invited few bands come to rock the university. One of the band call EVE, the main singer is my primary school friend Eve Oh. The middle person in the picture below.


Eve Oh Earth Hour Concert


She is ROCKZ!!!! So bad, I did not go to support her during that period.


F1 GP Seasons

This is not my personal event/story, but Malaysian’s. This year F1 is worth to watch.


Mercedes PETRONAS team


1Malaysia F1 Lotus Team will going to rock us next week. We Malaysian’s hope to see them success!


This year, 7 times world champion Michael Schumacher will be back in action in the Mercedes PETRONAS team. PETRONAS sponsoring his team. It sound good, when I heard PETRONAS + Michael Schumacher.


I planned to go Sepang for this event, but the student prize RM150 is still expensive for me. :(

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